About Us

Sinobec Trading Inc. was founded in 2002 as an importer/exporter of Aluminum products between China and Canada. Since then, Sinobec Trading Inc has experienced rapid growth and expansion ĘC in 2007, we generated a gross sale of 40,000,000 USD, and exported over 1,000 containers and 10 bulk vessels of ore shipment globally.

As a result of our success we have rapidly expanded to importing other minerals such as Iron Ore, Magnesium Ore, Chrome Ore, Ti Ore, Stainless Steel Sheet and Plates and Steel Wire Rope & Accessories.

We supply Aluminum products to the aerospace architectural, commercial, transportation, aero space, construction and other purposes.

We specialize in products such as extrusion, plate sheet, ingot and coil, common profiles, railing & fencing, tubes, special alloy. In addition, we also offer fabrication and surface finishing services.

Our market now includes Canada, China, United States, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Albania, and Bolivia.

Since its foundation Sinobec Trading Inc has sincerely dedicated its efforts to provide a quality product at competitive pricing, and in a

professional manner, to all of its customers. Sinobec also trades at the retail level directly with distributors and end users domestically and internationally.

Our dedicated and experienced sales team is ready to serve you with comprehensive solutions to your needs.

Why choose Sinobec Trading?

Thousands of satisfied customer clients since 2002, thanks to our customer service focused employees, ethical business standards, and custom products and services. Our full time Service Department is ready to speak with you and discuss how we can meet your needs, while providing you with the quickest response time possible.

Warehousing and Logistics

Sinobec Trading Inc has strategically placed distribution warehouses in Montreal, Canada, Manzanillo Mexico, Durres Albania and Antofagasta Chile.

We are experts in logistics - our operational efficiency combined with our robust and flexible technology will help you deal with unforeseen challenges.